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Traffic Barricades

Type 1 Traffic Barricades have one horizontal bar at the top which can be fitted with reflective sheeting or a legend, then used in parking areas, roads and pedestrian streets. Type 2 Traffic Barricades or Type 3 Traffic Barricades are designed for use on major roads, freeways and expressways, or other high-speed highways where wind speed is a factor. Type 3Traffic  Barricades are used to close or partially close a road.


Type 1 Traffic Barricades.


Type 1 Barricades that are completely maintenance free and will absolutely never rust. Type 1 Barricades notably contain a single horizontal panel bar at the top of the traffic barricade that can be fitted with a legend or reflective sheeting.  To view our complete Type 1 Barricades, please click on the Type 1 Barricades category​ above, view your options, then contact us at 1-800-640-1843 for your shipping quote.  You'll be glad you did!



Type 2 Traffic Barricades.


Type 2 Barricades selection options include "Plasticade" Type 2 Barricades, "Fibercade" Type 2 Barricades, "Econocade" Type 2 Barricades and "Combocade" Type 3 Barricades.  Each of these distinct selection options offer different advantages verses the others, so compare carefully, or better yet, contact us to help you make the optimal selection for your need.  Just click on the above Barricade Category to select your Type 2 Barricades, then call 1-800-640-1843.        


Type 3 Traffic Barricades.


Type 3 Barricades include a complete selection of Heavy Duty Highway Traffic Barricades typically selected by State Highway Commissions, Cities and Municipalities across the United States.  Also frequently purchasing Type 3 Barricades are schools, large scale construction firms and real estate developers. Type 3 Barricades includes a complete selection of Type 3 Barricades, like Telespar Footed Type 3 Barricades, Break-Away Barricades and Sentinel Type 3 Barricades.


Click on the above Highway Traffic Barricades category to view an offering of Type 3 Barricades, then contact us at 1-800-640-1843 for your custom shipping quote.  There's no cost or obligation to obtain your quote, so please call. today!.                                                                                                                                 ​                          

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