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 #1 in Traffic Barricades

Welcome to Traffic Barricades U.S.A., your wholesale source for Traffic Barricades, Highway Barricades, Portable Barricades, Safety Barricades and Barricade Sign Legends for delivery throughout the Continental United States of America. 


Traffic Barricades U.S.A. offers you top quality Traffic Barricades, volume discounts, fast order quotes, same day order processing and rapid deliveries from six (6) convenient warehouse locations nationwide.  Call now for your lowest delivered cost anywhere!


       Shop and Compare - Call Toll Free at 1-800-640-1843 Now!


Type 1 Barricades.

Type 1 Traffic Barricades are specifically designed to withstand multiple vehicle impacts to remain in service rust free for years to come.


Constructed to be maintenance free, Type 1 Barricades meet MUTCD Standards and are NCHRP Certified. 


You'll also find steel legged Combocade Type 1  Traffic Barricades, plus highly durable Fibercade Type 1 Barricades and Econocade Type 1 Barricades.


Choose a Type 1 Barricade that meets your needs.  You can select from a wide variety of Portable Baricades and Safety Barricades with Legends in different background colors and Sheeting Grades. 


All Type 1 Barricades meet or exceed Federal Highway Administration standards.

Type 2 Barricades.

Type 2 Traffic Barricades can be differentiated from Type 1 Barricades in that each Type 2 Barricade features sheeting and/or legends on both cross panels. 


Type 2 Barricades are also constructed of heavy duty plastics and are engineered to never rust. 


Type 2 Barricades are manufactured using heavy duty construction materials. Plasticade, Combocade, Fibercade & Econocade Type 2 Barricades are featured on this site.

Type 2 Barricades are well suited for routing in parking lots, controlling pedestrian traffic or channeling vehicular traffic. Best of all, pricing includes striped sheeting and/or sign legends on both sides of Type 2 Barricades, making all these Type 2 Barricades a great value.


Type 3 Barricades.

Type 3 Traffic Barricades offer you high density polyethylene materials that resist splintering, chipping or fading, plus, Type 3 Barricades offers flat surface displays with retro-reflective sheeting that meets MUTCD requirements and NCHRP-350 under WZ-85.


Type 3 Barricades include Telespar galvanized 14 gauge hot rolled steel construction foundation with square tubular feet or angle iron feet and the Sentinel Type 3 Barricades for east coast use.


In addition, Type 3 Barricade Boards come in 4', 6', 8' and 12' lengths with reflective sheeting on one or both sides. 

Plasticade Type 3 Barricades also accept two (2) flashing lights, all while delivering superior wind load capabilities and an amazing quick removal upright design.

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